10 Easy Accents for Your Garden

If you have any outdoor space to call your own – a garden, yard, balcony or veranda – you are lucky! This is where you can spend some quality time with the family or even with yourself, a beverage and a good book. Make the most of this outdoor space by making it as personal, attractive and pretty as you can. Here are some easy garden accents to help you do this.

1. Garden Flags


Putting up flags in your garden can herald a festival, celebrate the season or just announce your own quirky personality. You can go for different types of garden flags and even matching mailbox covers, address signs and doormats. You can select matched sets of your choice based on the season, festival and so on.

2. Wheelbarrow Planter


This is a good idea for a garden, patio or a balcony – it will fit several potted plants at the same time and can be moved into the sun or the shade as and when required.

3. Birdhouse


Birds are good for your garden. They are a form of natural pest control. Invite birds and prettify your garden at the same time with a birdhouse, bird bath or a bird feeder.

4. Garden Gnome


The quintessential garden accent is the gnome: cute, friendly, inviting, gnomes are just the quirky, personal touch your garden needs.

5. Rockery


This is a low maintenance garden accent. Once it’s in place it doesn’t need watering, pruning or looking after.

6. Brick Markers


Use bricks to spell out a welcome message, mark flower bed or your herb garden with identifying words on bricks. It can be a simple, DIY home project that anyone in the family can accomplish.

7. DIY Fountain


You can buy an elaborate fountain or you can decide to build one for your garden. Either way, it is pretty; and the sound of water can be beautifully soothing.

8. Hanging Basket Garden


A hanging basket or series of baskets can go on any patio or veranda or can be suspended from a tree in your garden.

9. Arbor


You can create an arbor yourself: it can be a simple thing fashioned out of some basic sticks and some fast growing flowering creepers!

10. Wind Chimes


A wind chime is another lovely addition to any garden. Hang it from the eaves, on the patio, or a convenient tree branch and enjoy the lovely sound each time the breeze blows.