All Weather Patio Furniture: The Material Options Before You

If you have the luxury of a garden, yard, patio, pool, deck, veranda or any other outdoor space that you have use of, you should equip yourself with the sort of furniture that lets you enjoy that space to the max.

There are so many options of all weather patio furniture that will help you enjoy your outdoor space optimally. Here are the major ones.

1. Wood

There are so many options: tough and durable options such as teak, redwood and cedar are naturally resistant to the elements because of their chemical composition. In fact teak even has a built-in resistance to pests. These are beautiful and timeless options for outdoor furniture; however they can be expensive. Also hardwoods are typically slow growing so you need to consider the conservational aspect and ecological impact of your choice.


2. Bamboo

Bamboo can be a great option: light, weather resistant and a very versatile option for all weather patio furniture. Bamboo is actually a fast growing grass so it is an ecologically sustainable option as well.

3. Wicker

Wicker furniture is a very popular choice for patio and outdoor furniture because it is light but sturdy and good looking as well. It is easy to move around because it is light. And because the woven texture is both attractive and very versatile, it can be fashioned into tables, stools, chairs, loungers, sofas and so on. However maintenance could be an issue with this sort of outdoor furniture.

4. Rattan

Similar to wicker, this is also an excellent option for outdoor furniture. It is very adaptable to paint and different colors and again can be woven into a variety of shapes.

5. Resin or Plastic

They do very clever things with resin and plastic these days. It can be made to look like real wood, wicker, rattan and cane; and can really be difficult to tell apart from the original. So before you shy away from the word ‘plastic’ consider this option as well. The fact that no trees were cut down to make the furniture is something else to consider. The fact that this kind of furniture may be much cheaper is something else to keep in mind.

6. Metal

Stainless steel, aluminum and wrought iron are other excellent options for outdoor furniture since they are weather resistant and attractive; in the case of aluminum, it is light and easily portable as well.

7. Natural Fibers

Consider deck chairs, hammocks and loungers made having a wooden or steel frame, but fashioned out of fabric, rope of netting made from natural fiber. This can be light, easy to clean and a great outdoor option.