Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Artificial Grass or Turf

Artificial turf was originally designed to create uniformity of playing surfaces in sporting areas, however it quickly became popular landscaping option for homeowners and commercial establishments. For those who want to enjoy a luxuriant looking green lawn surface the year round, artificial grass is a good idea.

It has become possible to install artificial turf for the landscaping of homes and other premises quite easily. The method of installation has become simpler and the quality and variety of synthetic turfs available has improved considerably.

Advantages of Artificial Turf

The most obvious benefit is that there is little or no maintenance required for artificial turf. Once installed there is no recurring cost either.

For people in areas with arid soil or climate that is hostile to natural grass, it may be not just difficult but impossible to have a natural lawn. So in such cases, where a natural lawn is difficult or impossible to grow, artificial turf may be the only viable option.


There is also the fact there significant amounts of water can be saved with no real lawn to water. So in areas of limited water supply, this is a huge plus; a way to conserve water.

With artificial turf, your lawn will remain green all the year round, and will be uniformly thick with no bald patches. This is a definite plus for a busy homeowner who wants high quality landscaping but doesn’t have the time for intensive lawn maintenance.

You can also be sure that kids and animals will not track their muddy footprints from a freshly watered lawn into the house. Also no grass stains on clothes and no ants getting into the picnic basket either!

Artificial lawns are a good option for serious citizens, and also for areas such as roof gardens and around pools.

Disadvantages of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf will not support the natural flora and fauna the way that natural grass does. Ordinarily a lawn will be home to a variety of insects which in turn will attract birds who will feed on them.

Once installed, it may be difficult to remove artificial grass and restore the area to its original look. Some types of artificial turf could contain heavy metals that may leach into the water table over time.

For house-proud gardeners, a healthy, well maintained natural lawn can be a source of pride and joy, unlike artificial turfs.