Artificial Plants for Home Décor: Why and Where to Get

Plants can enliven and beautify any setting – indoors and outdoors. However live plants are not always possible to maintain for any number of reasons. This makes artificial plants a great option for home décor – we look at all the reasons why artificial plants are a good idea as well as where and what you can get.

Why Artificial Plants?

The number one reason why artificial plants are such a popular option is that a vast majority of us have no knowledge or experience looking after plants. There is no need to water, fertilize or prune those plants, you don’t need to turn over the soil, nor do the plants need periodic sun exposure. There is also none of the mess of dead leaves or the watering and digging to deal with.

artificial-plantsWhen you go out of town, you never need to bother about whether or not your neighbor’s looking after your plants. The leaves never wither and die; your plant always looks green and healthy. Also you never need to worry that a plant will outgrow its pot or the area where you choose to put it.

Another reason is that you can have any kind of plant you want in your home; even varieties that would typically not survive indoors, or varieties that would not grow in your kind of weather. You can use any pot or container for the plant, without worrying about water or soil damage to it.

Where to Buy?

You can buy artificial plants anywhere, but you may have a better and wider choice if you look online. Ikea has a wide array of artificial plants to choose from – ranging from the little flower pots that you can place on your window sill to large planter with artificial bamboo for outdoor spaces.

Amazon also offers a very wider variety of artificial plants including ball shaped topiary type plants, bushes, vines, climbers, palms, ivy wreaths, and more. You can also pick the sort of plants that hang from a suspended basket or the sort that drape artfully down a wall or over a doorway or window pane. These look lovely in a window garden or on a porch or near the main door.

The Home Depot too has a vast array or artificial plants – bushes, palms, flower and non flowering plants, lattices, small trees and even artificial flower arrangements.

You can pick artificial plants depending upon the theme and color scheme of your home, as well as the amount of space you have.