6 Creative Basement Design Ideas

Time was that a basement was meant for utilities such as the furnace and heater, air conditioning system, electrical distribution points and so on. More than a clutter of exposed pipes, loose wires and unattractive flooring and paneling, today the basement can be that one sinecure of yours that can be your den, a gym, a lounge for entertaining, or simply your very own space to indulge hobbies or just some quiet time.

If you have a basement and are wondering what to do with it, here are some basement design ideas you can use:


1. Entertainment Center or Den

This can be the place where the whole family can hang out and can house the TV, home theater, sound system and some comfy seating. So the next time there is a game on, you know where you can invite the boys (or girls!) A pool table or other games can make your basement a real magnet for friends and family. Additionally you can have racks to accommodate books so they are at hand when you want some quite time reading.

2. Lounge or Bar

This can be a great idea if you do a lot of entertaining and need a place where your guests can spread out, unwind and chill. You can accommodate a small bar at one end and teem it with some interesting bar stools, and develop a seating area with low couches and ottomans.

3. Additional Bedroom Space

If you have frequent overnight guests or your kids now need space to spread out (the boys don’t want to share their room any more for instance) a basement can be converted into a bedroom like space. Throw in a compact pantry and a TV and your teen can probably live there!

4. Home Office

So many of us telecommute today, or even work entirely from home – technology has made this possible for us and we can make good use of this opportunity by setting up a home office. Working from home can typically be fraught with disturbances but a space such as a basement can be relatively quiet and secluded enough to aid concentration and improve productivity.

5. Space for Hobbies and DIY Projects

It can be great for the entire family to work together at DIY projects spending quality time together; or you may have the kind of hobby that needs space to spread out. Either way, a basement can be the ideal space for this.

6. Wine Cellar

This may be a somewhat less common basement design idea but if the basement area is limited and you fancy yourself as something of a wine enthusiast, you may think of using your basement this way.