How to Design a Bathroom in a Small Space

A bathroom may not be the topic of polite discussion, but it is a vitally important space for each of us, each day, from the point of view of hygiene and practicality. And if you have a small bathroom space, so be it, but that is no reason why your bathroom shouldn’t be as functional and as attractive as any other part of your home. Here are some tips that can help you design and make the best of even a small bathroom space.

1. Install a shower stall

It is a no-brainer but bears repetition. If it’s a small bathroom installing a shower cubicle instead of a bath tub makes a lot of sense. And think of it as the green thing to do. You save a lot of water by showering instead of bathing!


2. Wall mounted commode and space saver flush

Many of the newer types of commodes are sleek and minimalist in design. Also they are not placed on a pedestal but are wall mounted. This leaves a space free beneath. You can perhaps insert a tray of cleaning implements below or leave it as is. Even if you’re not actively utilizing the space saved by the wall mounted commode and recessed flush, you end up with the illusion of a lot more space; making a small area appear less cluttered.

3. Utilize the space under the basin

This is usually dead space that is not utilized much. You can install a cabinet below the sink or basin – it can house bath linens, toiletries, cleaning materials, or anything really. If a cabinet is too much work, get a set of shelves that can the job just as well.

4. Space saving bathroom accessories

A shower caddy can be suspended from the shower or the shower faucet. It obviates the need for a shelf for soap, shampoo, washcloth and so on. A hanging organizer for the bath will also create space for toothpaste, mouthwash, brushes and so on. No need for shelves.

5. Use high ceilings, alcoves and recessed spaces

Each bathroom is unique in terms of shape, dimensions and size. If your bathroom has a higher ceiling, create shelves on a higher level to use dead space. If there is an alcove or a recessed space in the bathroom, transform it into a storage space – use it to keep the laundry bin, linen basket, a small portable wardrobe or even a potted plant!