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Buying Pool Patio Furniture? Here’s What All You Should Consider

It’s a good idea to give considered thought to the type of pool and patio furniture that you opt for. Opting for the right outdoor furniture will mean that you and your family are able to spend more time out of doors in the fresh air and that you are able to utilize your outdoor spaces more effectively. We look at aspects to look at when buying outdoor furniture.

1. Weather

Will you be keeping your outdoor furniture out in the open? And will you need it to remain out all the year round? If so will it be able to withstand the weather where you live – can it take bright sunshine, rain and snow and temperature variations?

2. Maintenance

Consider whether you need to treat the furniture with weather coating material periodically. Look for outdoor furniture that that needs little or no maintenance apart from warm soapy water from time to time. Plastic wicker is a good option because it is low maintenance. Unfinished teak is another low maintenance option because it weathers beautifully.

3. Durability

Wrought iron and steel can be very strong and durable options, but you will have to protect this type of furniture from rust and hence moisture.

4. Looks

Ideally pick outdoor furniture that is well designed and which fits into the overall look of your outdoor space. Well designed furniture that blends well into an outdoor space can enhance the whole look of your home.

5. Comfort

This is a very important if you’re thinking about the whole family spending quality outdoor time together. While you may do your research online and narrow down your options, it is a good idea to actually visit a bricks and mortar store to check out the furniture you propose to buy. Check the construction of the furniture – is it sturdy, are the armrests the correct position, is it well balanced?

6. Sustainability

Picking materials such as repurposed wood, bamboo and reclaimed materials is a more eco friendly choice to consider the issue of sustainability when you choose your outdoor furniture.

7. Sets or Individual Pieces?

A matched set may look very good, but do you really need 6 chairs, a table and a recliner? Would it make more sense to get a couple of recliners in addition to a folding table that you already have?

8. Compare Prices

Check your prices online at several different stores. Don’t just look at the sticker price also look at shipping, guarantees, return policies and after sales service.

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