Top 10 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Contemporary décor has several defining characteristics that help create an impression of sophistication and style. To create a contemporary look, we draw on current design trends; upon the look that is prevalent in the here and now. Contemporary décor bases itself on modern materials, current technology and fashion trends. Let’s look at some of the best design ideas to create a contemporary look in your home.

1. Bare Windows

bare-windowsBare windows create the illusion of light and space, and eschewing curtains or drapes can help create a contemporary look. Opt instead for blinds or shades. Let in natural light and make the most of the existing space.

2. Bare Floors

bare-floorBare flooring featuring an interesting vinyl veneer, tile or wood can add to that contemporary look. Place interesting rugs in unusual patterns such as geometric or abstract design or solid contrasting colors at strategic locations instead.

3. Track Lighting or Focus Lighting

track-lightingLighting can greatly contribute to the overall contemporary look. Track lighting can help evenly illuminate one part of a room or a wall – think accent wall or a wall with several décor elements. Focus lighting can help draw attention to a particular feature in the room such as a painting, sculpture etc.

4. Interesting Architectural Details

brick-workInteresting features such as exposed beams, plumbing pipes or brick work can be used to add to the contemporary look.

5. Unfussy Furniture

contemporary-furnitureThe contemporary look seeks to create the illusion of large uncluttered space within a room. So typically the furniture you would use in contemporary décor has spare, clean lines. Functional seating and unadorned tables set low to the ground and fewer pieces of furniture in the room can help create overall lack of clutter.

6. Glass and Mirrors

glass-mirror-interiorGlass lets in light; mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space. Both can be cleverly incorporated to enhance a contemporary setting.

7. Steel and Chrome

steel-chrome-furnitureThese materials create a more functional and minimalist look, which is very contemporary.

8. High Ceilings

high-ceilingHigh ceilings are again a feature of contemporary design since they create the impression of space and light.

9. Abstract Art

abstract-artRather than a Leonardo Da Vinci print, opt for a Pablo Picasso print. Rather than still life, opt for abstract art. Contemporary décor should reflect contemporary art trends.

10. Contemporary Sculpture, Pottery

abstract-sculptureYou can also make clever use of abstract sculpture and pieces of glazed pottery to create a more contemporary space.