Country Living Room Furniture Ideas for That Rustic Ambience

If you decide to go with a country furniture theme for your living room, you can enjoy the rustic, relaxed ambience of your home’s family area for a long time to come. You can create a warm, welcoming and informal space for family time as well as for entertaining guests with country furniture for your living room. Here are some ideas to help you achieve this.

Antique Furniture

There is nothing like solid, old-fashioned, wood furniture to help create that rustic country ambience. Look for classic pieces that never go out of style – comfy overstuffed sofas, rustic barstools, country style coffee tables or end tables, log benches, porch swings, chests, old fashioned desks, wood armoires, rocking chairs, gliders and so on. Look for oak, pine, cherry, maple and walnut wood furniture to create that warm country look for your living room.

country-living-roomWhile buying antique furniture from a fancy store could set you back a considerable sum, it is possible to find interesting pieces online at websites such as eBay or craigslist at far more reasonable prices. If you’re lucky you can also find good quality country furniture at flea markets, thrift shops and even garage sales. If a friend or family member is looking to dispose of their country style furniture, don’t hesitate to make an offer for it. You can use different pieces to create interesting looks and combinations so long as you keep to general country theme.

Country Accents

Still life prints on the walls can help create a lovely country ambience for your country style living room. You can also use other objects to create unusual and interesting wall art: pitchforks, spades and gardening implements, rowing paddles, antique style wall clocks, old fashioned hat stands, and antique mirrors and so on. Use other objects to create a rustic feel: horse saddles, antique weaponry, a wheelbarrow planter on the porch or balcony, wicker baskets, wagon wheels and so on.

A real fire place – consider a stone fire place with a lovely mantle – this is something else to help create the country look. Exposed beams, wood paneling and wooden flooring will add add to the country ambience in your living room.

Country Colors

Warm earthy colors such as browns, reds, greens and beiges can help evoke that country feel and look. Pretty floral prints and cozy drapes, will help instantly create that informal country look. Use patchwork quilts, embroidered table cloths and folk art on the wall for a classic country look that never goes out of style.