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Curtain Ideas for a Warm and Welcoming Living Room

Curtains can transform any room – a room can go from stark and cold to warm and welcoming in the matter of few moments it takes to put up those drapes. Curtains act as insulation from outside elements and also absorb sound, improving the acoustics of a room. Here are some helpful tips on what you should keep in mind while picking out and putting up curtains.

1. Blinds, Roman Shades or Curtains?

Curtains are but one of the options available for covering windows Venetian blinds can be practical and easy to maintain, but may not have the homey feel you want. Wooden louvered blinds can be very attractive by rather less functional than curtains. Roman shades are a very good option and are available in a variety of colors, prints and types, but may not be as versatile or as easy to put up as curtains.

2. Pelmets or Curtain Rods?

With the various types ornate and attractive curtain rods available today, many people prefer to do away with the concept of the pelmet or the curtain canopy altogether. Simple, elegant drapes now come with built in curtain rings or have loops stitched on to the top seam, making removable curtain rings quite superfluous. However before you buy curtains, look carefully at your living room: are pelmets or curtain rods already in place? What will fit and how?

3. Solid Colors or Prints?

You can decide this based on the décor of your living room. Floral and other prints create a cheery atmosphere, whereas solid colored drapes appear more elegant and formal and may be easier to coordinate with the other décor of your living room.

4. Type of Curtains

Heavy drapes have several advantages: they keep out glare, absorb sound and also act as effective insulation for your living room helping to keep it warmer or cooler than the outside temperature. However they can block the light, and may also make the living room appear smaller because they occupy more space. Heavy drapes may also be more difficult to wash or maintain than lighter drapes and may be unsuitable for warm weather.

Also consider whether you want floor length or longer drapes. Long drapes that pool on the floor a little can look luxurious but will also collect dirt and dust easier. One more option is café curtains – one or several rows on a single set of windows.

5. Curtain Accessories

Ties, sashes, clip rings etc can be the final touch to add to your living room curtains. These are not only practical they add an extra décor element.

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