What Are Electronic Pest Control Devices?

With increasing concern about the effects of chemicals and other toxins on soil and produce, electronic pest control devices are a concept that is gaining popularity. Pesticides and pest repellents or traps may damage soil and pollute the environment or could be hazardous for children and other animals. Electronic devices that control pests by emitting high frequency sound waves, etc. could be more eco-friendly.

How do they work?

There are two broad categories of these pest control devices – ultrasonic and electromagnetic.

Ultrasonic devices work by producing very high frequency, short wave sounds that we humans cannot hear but animals, with their more sensitive hearing can hear and be repelled by. These devices keep away dogs, rodents, bats and so on. Even locusts, grasshoppers, moths, lacewings, and other insects could be repelled using such ultrasonic devices.

Electromagnetic devices claim to work by vibrating the electromagnetic field that is thought to exist around the wiring in the walls of our homes.

Some devices are designed to be used indoors while some are specifically for the outdoors and you can carry them along for camping and so on. Yet others are versatile and can be used for the outdoors as well as indoors. They may be plug-in devices or battery operated models.

Why to use them?

electronic-pest-control-devicesThese devices are thought to be able to repel a lot of different pests: mice, rats, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders and even fleas and so on. They work without having to lay traps or put poison to catch or kill these pests. You also don’t have to deal with carcasses of poisoned creatures, since there devices do not kill pests; merely drive them away.

Many people find that these devices, since they involve no physical traps or toxic chemicals, are a lot safer to have around, particularly when you have pets or children around the home. They could also turn out to be cheaper to use.

Do they really work?

While some users claim to be quite satisfied with these devices, others claim that they are completely ineffectual. Yet others say they can be quite noisy. Also there are usually no studies or any proof to back up the claims that manufacturers make about their products; and some do make some very tall claims.

Since reviews about these products tend to be very mixed, make sure that you read all about the product before using it: what creatures will it repel? Under what conditions will it work? What do user reviews say? Find out all the relevant information.