Eucalyptus Patio Furniture: A Lesser Known Option

When we speak of wooden outdoor furniture, we generally think in terms of teak, cedar, and redwood. However more and more people are now realizing the benefits of using eucalyptus patio furniture for their outdoor requirements.

Being native to Australia, the potential of eucalyptus is perhaps being recognized fully only now. Though it could be a pricey choice, there are many reasons to consider eucalyptus as an option for patio furniture.

1. Resistant to decay and pests

Eucalyptus is well known for its antifungal and natural microbicidal properties eucalyptus oil is frequently used for medicinal purposes. This is same natural property to resist decay and pests makes eucalyptus furniture an excellent option for outdoor spaces that bear the brunt of the elements.


2. Hard and durable

According to some experts, this wood is very hard; even harder than teak. This makes it an excellent choice for any kind of furniture, in particular outdoor furniture. Its durability makes it not only weather resistant but also very long lasting.

3. Low on maintenance

Other than keeping the furniture clean and free from dust and grime, there may be little in terms of maintenance that it needs. It is recommended that to increase the life of eucalyptus furniture as well as to maintain its color, the furniture should be treated periodically with oil.

4. Fast growing

Unlike a lot of other types of hard woods, eucalyptus is a fast growing type of wood, which makes it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. Cultivation of eucalyptus trees reach maturity, ready for harvest in a far shorter time than other comparable wood choices, so you could say that this is more easily renewable source of wood.

5. Good looking

Young eucalyptus wood has a brownish hue, but aged wood has a silvery sheen both of which can be very attractive. This type of furniture can be light and more portable that some other kinds as well.

6. Many options

You can find all sorts of eucalyptus patio furniture: sling back chairs, armchairs and even folding chairs and stacking chairs can be great seating options for any deck or sit out. In addition a table, particular a drop leaf table, that folds down and out of the way when not required and folds up to extend its size, can be very useful for the porch. You can mix and match to create an eclectic collection all your own, or you can buy a matched set of eucalyptus furniture for your outdoor needs.