10 Exotic Fruit Trees to Have in Your Garden

Casual gardeners as well as dedicated horticulturists may enjoy growing exotic fruit trees for several reasons. Firstly it can be a challenge to grow trees that are not native to the region. Secondly it can be very rewarding to actually grow these for one’s own consumption. Thirdly, unusual looking trees or foliage could add visual appeal to your garden.

Here are some exotic varieties of fruit trees that you could think of growing, with a note however that you should first check whether these exotic varieties will flourish or even survive in the climate or soil of the area.

1. Dragon Fruit


This is actually a fruit bearing cactus species. Not only is the fruit rather amazing to look at, it has a delicate sweet taste, and the flowers can also be used for making herbal tea.

2. Jackfruit


This is said to be the largest tree growing fruit. Used extensively in south Asian cuisine, this can be an easy, low maintenance and high yield fruit tree to grow given the right climatic conditions.

3. Rose Apple


The bright purple fruit is the size of large berries and tends to stain the tongue purple when you eat it. Easy to cultivate, a healthy tree will usually produce prodigious amounts of fruit.

4. Tamarind


This is a tree that produces very tart fruit that is used very extensively in South Indian cuisine and for refreshing summer drinks. It can also be grown in a pot; as a houseplant.

5. Star Fruit


This is a fruit species that is native to South East Asian but also grows quite well in the United States. Bright pink flowers and crunchy golden yellow fruit make this a great exotic choice.

6. Mango


The king of fruit, most varieties of mangoes have spreading, shady trees that can be quite easy to grow in tropical climates.

7. Papaya


Fast growing and exotic looking, papaya trees start to produce fruit quite early and without much effort.

8. Litchi


This deliciously sweet and refreshing fruit has a short fruiting season, but the tree can be a lovely, exotic addition to your garden.

9. Rambutan


This exotic fruit, looking rather like a hairy, prickly litchi, has gained much fame in recent times. An evergreen tree, it is a popular garden fruit tree.

10. Kumquat


These are temperate fruit trees (the fruit resemble small oranges) that have bright fruit and fragrant flowers.