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Folding Garden Furniture: 5 Useful Options

To enjoy your garden to the utmost, you need to make it a comfortable and inviting place. The right type of outdoor furniture will do this, tempting you to spend more time out of doors and in the fresh air. Folding furniture also means easy portability, so that you can effectively use it indoors or by the poolside and take it along on trips to the beach, picnics, etc. Here are some of the best options for folding garden furniture.

1. 3-Piece RST Outdoor Bistro Patio Furniture

A classic set of folding chairs and tables such as this outdoor patio furniture set is simple, stylish, easily portable and low maintenance. The compact size means that you can use in anywhere – verandah, small patio, porch or the poolside. And the metal frames make it light, yet sturdy. The PE rattan used is hand-woven, fade resistant and is also suitable for salty or chlorinated environments.

2. Folding Wheelbarrow

A good wheelbarrow can be a boon for a gardener. This folding garden wheelbarrow is a good option. Not only will it help transport seeds, tools, fertilizer and so on, it can also fold up for easy portability and storage, which makes it a more versatile option than other wheelbarrow types.

3. Folding Hammock

Nothing spells leisure and relaxation like lying in a hammock. Gone are the days when you needed a couple of strong well positioned trees to fix a hammock on. We now have the option of free standing folding hammocks such as the Strathwood Basics portable folding hammock with carry bag, chocolate with champagne frame. This one comes with its own stand; so you can set it up anywhere – patio, poolside, garden and even indoors. It comes with a carry case and its own pillow.

4. Folding Recliner

Whether you like to bask in the sun doing nothing or you like to curl up with a good book, a recliner is a great idea. A folding recliner such as the Strathwood Basics anti-gravity adjustable recliner lets you sit up or recline as you wish.

5. The All-in-one Picnic Table

The Picnic Time portable folding table with aluminum frame is a picnic table and benches for seating; all in one. When not in use, it folds up and into a suitcase like object. It seats four and gives you the option of inserting a beach or garden umbrella through the center of the table.

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