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10 Funky Home Accessories to Amuse Your Visitors

Quirky wall art – an unusual table lamp – an idiosyncratic wall clock – a welcome mat with a funny message – a retro looking phone – all these funky home accessories will amuse and entertain not only visitors to your home but you as well. They can be a reflection of your eclectic tastes in fashion and personal sense of humor. Take a look at our list of funky home accessories: they make amusing conversation starters and great gifts.

1. Funky Doormat

The front doormat that says a simple Welcome is passé. Opt for a pair of full lips or a happy moustache for the doormat instead; or a funny sign that will pique the interest of your visitors right from your doorstep.

2. Funny Doorstop

A door stop shaped like a stiletto shoe, a paper plane or a tiny little figure seeming to push your door open… so much more interesting than a boring old door stop!

3. Attractive Wall Clock

You now have a mind boggling profusion of wall clocks to choose from: rainbow colors, abstract designs, flowers, butterflies, clocks with several different pieces, minimalist clocks with nothing but a pair of hands, disco ball clocks; take your pick!

4. Collage Photo Frame

Family photos make some of the most individual and interesting décor elements. Rather than a simple photo frame, opt for one where you can create a collage of multiple photos.

5. Retro Phone

Retro is in currently. An old fashioned phone or a vintage radio will help create that retro look for your home.

6. Stylish Wine Rack

Who says a wine rack has to be a bunch of wooden cubby holes? Instead pick stylish and contemporary abstract designs, asymmetrical shelves, wrought iron racks, wall mounted racks, bottle trees, bouquets and more!

7. Interesting Book Shelves

Bookends and bookshelves and be very innovative and unusual. let your choice of book ends and shelves be as unusual as the books you pick!

8. Contemporary Vases

Square vases, asymmetrical containers or giant urns; unusual designs and vivid colors or stark monochromes… these vases can up the style ante in your home.

9. Apt Wall Decals

Wall decals are not just for the kids’ room or nursery. A witty sign, a famous quote, a funny cartoon or a stylized representation of a famous person can be apt wall décor for the living room as well.

10. Unusual Coat Hooks

Gecko coat hook anyone? Or a pair of faux reindeer antlers to hang your hat? Pick unusual and interesting items to hang those hats, umbrellas and coats.

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