10 Halloween Home Decorating Ideas for That Frightening Look

Halloween is not just about dressing up your kids and sending them trick or treating. It isn’t just about you dressing up to party either. It is also about dressing up the home to reflect the Halloween spirit. To really enter into the spirit of things, dress up your house in keeping with the holiday theme too. Here are some tips for Halloween home décor that will signal your genuine holiday spirit.

1. Jack o’ Lantern

jack-o-lanternThe classic Halloween motif, the carved pumpkin or the ubiquitous Jack o’ Lantern can be used inside and outside the home to great effect. Use them to insert candles or use several of them to carve out a Halloween message.

2. Stretchable Spider’s Web

spider-webSurprise and scare your guests with a stretchable spider’s web across the doorway or any other unexpected place to spook your guests when they walk right into it.

3. Scary Tree

scary-tree-halloweenHang a noose or other spooky accents from the branches to transform a tree in your yard into something really scary. You can hang up spooky lights or ghostly sheets for that spooky look.

4. Tombstone in the Yard

backyard-tombstoneCreating a fake tombstone can be a fun DIY project for the family or you can get a store bought one to create faux graveyard. You can also add some lighted candles for more effect.

5. Scary Props

halloween-propsYou can scatter these all over the house or the yard, in places where people are least likely to expect them; where they’re most likely to be spooked. A fake hairy spider in the bathroom sink, a severed hand or foot on the dinner table, a meat cleaver at the door, a glow in the dark ghost in the wardrobe and more!

6. Halloween Centerpieces

halloween-centerpieceVintage candle stands, skull shaped decanters, dishes with ghost motifs or a DIY ghost centerpiece. All of these will transform a regular dinner table into a truly Halloween themed meal for your family or your guests.

7. Eerie Lighting

halloween-lightingSpooky focus lighting, blood dripping candles and muted colored lights will really set the scene for your Halloween home.

8. Witch’s Cauldron

witch-cauldronWhen you serve food to your guests or candy to the kids, do so from a witch’s cauldron. Regular pots and pans are boring on Halloween!

9. Halloween Themed Signs

halloween-signs“Watch out for the Zombie” says one sign; another features a bloody impaled heart – anything to set the Halloween mood!

10. Halloween Themed Flags and Streamers

halloween-streamerDownload and print Halloween themed signs, flags and banners or make your own in a fun DIY project for the whole family.