Organize Your Home Office with Fitted Furniture

If you work from home, it is important to have a dedicated office space. This will create a sense of purpose as you start each morning; it will help you work in a more organized manner and could also increase productivity.

A dedicated home office will also help minimize disturbances and distractions from others in the family because you can declare the space off limits for certain times of the day. A clearly demarcated home office is also necessary if you will be entertaining clients or customers or other business associates and need a meeting area.

You may be lucky enough to be able to dedicate an entire room to your home office, in which case space constraints may not be an issue. However if your home office space is limited to an area carved out of a room that may also be used for some other purpose (a children’s study for instance), it will need some clever strategizing to make the most of it.

fitted-furniture-home-officeFitted furniture helps make the most of limited space and can help to achieve optimal comfort and functionality with the area. Fitted furniture can make good use of room features such as a sloping wall, windows, skylight or other apertures, space under a stair case or a high ceiling.

1. Recessed Space in the Wall

A recessed space in the wall can be used to place a filing cabinet, or a set of shelves for books, files, stationery and other paraphernalia. This is good utilization of a wall, corner space or cubby hole that would otherwise remain unutilized.

2. Wall Mounted Modules

Wall mounted cabinets or fitted shelves can be another good idea for a home office. This leaves the floor space clear for other purposes such as seating. This design feature will also enable you to place your desk flush against the wall.

3. Wall Units

A fitted wall unit can create storage space for inventory or other home business related items. You can opt for flexible, modular units too – remove or add a shelf as required, turn a cabinet into an open shelf space and vice versa.

4. Fitted Desks

A fitted desk can fit even into a small space and make the best of it. For instance a desk can be fitted into the space under a flight of stairs, or it can be made to fit into a room with a sloping wall such as an attic or loft.

5. Window Seats

You can create seating options by making use of a window to create a fitted window seat.