How to Buy Fruit Trees Online

Like pretty much everything else that we want to buy these days, it is possible to buy fruit trees online as well. The possibilities of finding what you want and finding quality products rise when you have access to more shops and suppliers online. Then there are the obvious benefits of growing trees in your surroundings, and eating organic fruit that you have grown yourself, sometime in the future.

There are plenty of websites and portals that offer to sell you fruit trees and deliver them to your door step, but you will obviously have to check where all they deliver and whether they deliver to your location. The fruit trees you can select are many: apple trees, plum trees, cherry trees, fig trees, mulberry trees, olive trees, peach trees, nectarine trees, and others.

Here are some tips to help you buy fruit trees online:

1. Tree Size

buy-fruit-trees-onlineConsider the size you want to buy: Standard, Semi-Dwarf and Dwarf. Smaller varieties of fruit trees are specially cultivated hybrids that have different characteristics than standard varieties of trees. The benefits of dwarf varieties are that they don’t take up much space and can be grown in smaller areas.

Pruning and harvesting is obviously easier with smaller trees and when the trees are smaller you can have a greater variety of trees in a smaller space. They have regular sized fruit; however the yield is less and the trees themselves have shorter life spans than standard sizes.

Semi dwarf trees have manageable sizes with normal fruit yield, which is why they are a preferred size of fruit tree today.

2. Soil Type

Consider your soil type and other factors before buying fruit trees. Does the soil retain a lot of moisture or is it well drained? Is the tree going to get enough sunlight where you aim to plant it and will it then have enough space to branch out and grow?

3. Local Climate

Also consider whether the fruit tree you want to buy will survive the type of climate you have where you live. Many trees may not be able to survive extreme cold, extreme heat, snow, hail, frost and so on. Also consider how much rain you get where you live and whether this will be suitable for the trees you have in mind.

It is best to buy local varieties of fruit trees because they are more likely to thrive in local conditions and will also be able to withstand local pests.