Interior Design Ideas for Apartments: Make the Most of Small Spaces

There could be several advantages of living in an apartment – it can have lower maintenance or overhead costs and could mean a shorter commute to work than a house in the suburbs. Apartments can also mean better security and better common amenities. However an apartment can also mean that you have to make the best of a smaller living space. Here are some interior design ideas to help you make the most of it.

1. Shelf Partition

shelf-partitionA book shelf, or even free standing wardrobes can help create a virtual division within a room without taking up an unnecessary space. For instance, you can carve out a dining area from your living room space or sub-divide a room into your home office and a children’s play area.

2. Use Your Veranda

balcony-roomIf this is permitted by the building you live in, consider transforming a balcony, deck or veranda into another room. This could be that extra office space, or study area or child’s room that you need.

3. Convertible Furniture

convertible-furnitureConvertible furniture is an excellent space saver idea. Convertible sofas that you can use in different permutations and combinations, an ottoman that doubles as a storage device a chest of drawers that doubles as a dresser or a night stand are all good.

4. Futons

futonsA futon, sofa bed or a recliner is another great space saving idea for an apartment home. These items of furniture are used for seating during the day and convert into a bed for the nigh – great for a child or an overnight guest. Some even have built in storage.

5. Built-in Wardrobes

built-in-wardrobesWardrobes customized in accordance with your apartment’s dimensions are always a better option than free standing cupboards. For one they fit exactly without wasting any space. Secondly they can be taller and wider.

6. Open Plan Kitchen

open-plan-kitchenAn open plan kitchen creates a sense of space and openness. It will also be an incentive to streamline your kitchen and keep it neat and clutter free.

7. Use of Corners

corner-shelfCorner tables, cabinets and shelves will create extra storage spaces from space that is otherwise wasted. Arrange furniture in a way that uses walls and corners, leaving central spaces free and uncluttered.

8. Let in Natural Light

blindsUse blinds rather than heavy drapes. Avoid dark colored walls and tapestry. Keep furniture away from doors and windows to let in natural light and create an illusion of space.