5 Interior Design Ideas for a Functional and Attractive Kitchen

There are numerous reasons to cook and eat at home – cooking and eating meals at home is a great family time; it helps you eat healthy and even lets you economize. A well designed, well equipped kitchen can actually encourage this and can be a pleasure to spend time in. Here’s what you can do to create a functional and attractive kitchen; one that you and your family will love to cook in.

1. Kitchen Appliances

Good quality kitchen appliances can be the difference between cooking being a pleasure and cooking being tantamount to drudgery. When you have an efficient and attractive stove top, a state of the art oven that is easy to clean, a versatile blender, microwave, modern dishwasher, capacious fridge and freezer and so on, this cuts out so much of your time and effort that you may actually start to enjoy the process of cooking.

2. Kitchen Storage

kitchen-designYour kitchen is typically a small space with a multitude to things to store in it. Good storage is the key to an organized kitchen and any organized space is a pleasure to work in. Whether you want to customize your kitchen cabinetry or opt for readymade units, make sure that the storage cabinets let you make the most of the space you have. Ideally you should be able to stow away your blender, chopping board, knives, dishes and other utensils away and out of the way when not required. You should also make provisions for storing plenty of supplies so that you don’t have to keep making visits to the store.

3. Kitchen Workspaces

The sort do flooring and the kind of counter top and sink you opt for will make a dramatic difference to how your kitchen looks and your level of comfort working in it. Give careful thought to your kitchen counter top – its size and material used. This is important to avoid clutter and to permit easy movement in the kitchen.

4. Kitchen Décor

Pick the paint or wall paper and kitchen accents with care. An attractive, airy, clutter free and well lighted kitchen can be a pleasure to be in and may well encourage other members of the family to contribute to the cooking process.

5. Kitchen Ergonomics

Pay attention to kitchen ergonomics. The cabinets, stove top and oven should be easy to access without stretching or contorting yourself. The kitchen counters should be the right height and dimension for you. Make sure that there isn’t too much or misplaced furniture in your kitchen: it may impede your movements or you may keep bumping into corners and stubbing your toes.