Interior Design Ideas to Give Your Living Room a Refreshing Look

The living room is where you will spend most of your waking hours while at home. It is a space for the family to spend time together and it is also where you will entertain your guests. As such, this space should not only be comfortable and pleasing to you, it should also reflect your personality and showcase your creativity.

1. Traditional

traditional-living-roomThe traditional living room is all that is warm and cozy and inviting – think overstuffed sofas with traditional floral or striped patterns, a real fireplace, still life prints on the walls, comfortable arm chairs, bright lamps, perhaps an ornate chandelier and conventional carpets.

Interesting knick knacks such candle sticks, flower vases and photo frames can find their space on peg tables, mantle pieces and center tables. This is a good look for families because it is inclusive and more or less easy to maintain.

2. Contemporary

contemporary-living-roomThe contemporary of modern living room may feature sectional sofas in muted colors, an accent wall, abstract art on the walls, futuristic looking furniture, focus lighting and modern sculpture. This can be more impressive and unique looking than the traditional living room but it also seems less cozy and inviting. A contemporary living room could also mean more work in terms of maintenance, cleaning and upkeep.

3. Ethnic

ethnic-living-roomYou could decide to decorate your living to reflect your roots. Traditional handicrafts from the state or country you are from originally, or which you admire greatly can help you visualize the kind of living room you would enjoy creating. You can proudly proclaim your ancestry by decorating this space to reflect a particular culture or people. Pick out carpets, drapes, seating furniture as well as décor pieces to reflect this. This kind of living room décor could also make interesting conversations starters for your visitors as you tell them more about a particular item and its significance or utility.

4. Minimalist

minimalist-living-roomWide open spaces and clean, spare, uncluttered lines define the minimalist living room space. There is a liberal use of steel and glass with a muted or monochromatic color scheme in this type of living room. This may not be the best bet for a family with kids and pets but may be a better choice for a creative young couple.

5. Quirky or Eclectic

eclectic-living-roomMix and match to your heart’s content to create a quirky living room. A bright red armchair can look interesting with a striped rug, unusual object d’art pieces will reflect your travels, books will reflect your diverse tastes in reading.