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Use Italian Garden Furniture to Transform Your Outdoor Space

The very thought of Italian furniture calls forth images of elegant, stylish, ornate furniture that could grace the most stylish of living spaces. Attractive design, coupled with practical comfort is the hallmark of traditional Italian furniture designers and this tradition is upheld even in contemporary Italian furniture design.

Artistic and unusual, contemporary Italian furniture makes use of solid wood as well as steel, glass, wrought iron and even fiber glass and plastic, offering you plenty of alternatives for Italian garden furniture. Italian furniture makers are known for their exquisite craftsmanship; some of the main types of the furniture being the Baroque Style, Renaissance Style and Rococo Style. The same style and grace that characterizes Italian furniture can help to enhance and beautiful your outdoor space as well. Here are some ideas that may help.

The Italian Café look

Anyone who has roamed the streets of Rome or indeed any of the quaint but utterly charming towns of Italy dotted along the country’s long Mediterranean coastline will recall the special pleasure of sipping a beverage at a roadside café. You can recreate the same charming ambience by using garden furniture made from wrought iron – small round tables topped off with brightly colored checkered gingham tablecloths and matching wrought iron chairs. Even simple folding wooden furniture can help you recreate the roadside café look. You could add a matching bench or two to create a wholly inviting outdoor ambience.

The contemporary Italian look

Wicker and other natural fibers can be used to create a wonderfully modern and attractive outdoor space. Unusually shaped chairs and recliners teamed with minimalistic ottomans can help create a very modern, contemporary look for your outdoor space. Consider a deceptively simple looking saucer shaped wicker seat with lots of comfortable cushions, or a long, wicker settee with a matching awning. Italian garden furniture items such as these can help you recreate the look of an exotic Mediterranean resort bringing to mind a seascape of startling blue set off by the cerulean hue of the sea.

Artful use of canopies

Another little style idea to help you recreate the outdoor Italian ambience is the use of canopies. Stunning white curtains or drapes suspended from a four poster seating area can be one option for an outdoor setting such as a pool side. You can also create an unusual gazebo with the clever use of light drapes. Not only does this look stylish it gives a sense of intimate privacy too.

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