Landscaping Walkways and Paver Designs

Walkways are one of the essential facets of a garden which are not only a practical requirement to avoid walking on the grass, but also a design element that adds to the beauty of your garden. Let’s look at some of the ideas for landscaping walkways and paver designs.

Landscaping Options

You have so many different options when it comes to landscaping walkways. You can arrange your walkway in a stepping stone or path pattern depending upon the type of soil your garden has and as per your preferences. You can also make your walkway choice based on whether you want straight paths or curving paths.

Brick walkways create a more formal appearance, whereas stone walkways appear less formal and more rustic. Stone walkways could be in slate, flagstone or fieldstone among other stone options. Sandstone is another option for stone walkways.

garden-walkwayIn addition you could think of concrete walkways that can be quite hassle free and inexpensive to do, even if they have rather less charm than your other options. Cement molds could be another hassle free option.

Wooden walkways are another option and you can pick from modular and roll out varieties, but these may not be suitable for everyone. You can use less expensive wood chips as well for your walkway.

River rock and gravel (pea gravel, regular and other types) as well as cobblestones are other attractive and low maintenance options for your walkway.

Then there are pavers or paving stone walkways that have various options – Roman, Holland, interlocking, concrete and brick pavers are just a few of these options. Since paver designs are so popular and versatile, we take a closer look at them:

Paver Designs

Paver designs can be in so many various colors, shapes and sizes that you can create truly unique designs by giving your creativity full reign. The walkway paving can be an extension of the paving design you use for the patio or other outdoor elements making a harmonious whole.

Concrete pavers can take any shape, form and color and in that sense can be quite versatile paver material. Natural stones can also be used for paver designs but their color and shape are predetermined and so become less versatile options.

Irregular paving gives the appearance of a more interesting pattern and can be less boring more natural looking than regular paving. Another thing to keep in mind is that interlocking paving makes for easier installation.

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