10 Healthy Ways to Make Your Garden Plants Grow Better, Faster and Bigger

Everybody enjoys gardening, if the garden looks pleasing to the eyes. To make your garden more beautiful, you will need to make the plants grow better, faster and bigger so that they look lovelier, and prettier. Horticulture has always been fun, when driven with ideal guidelines. Let’s explore some important tips to make your garden plants healthy and prettier. It is very easy and you can try this out yourself.

grow garden plants faster

1. It is always good to be new

You may wonder how this deals with horticulture. Yes, this is in the sense that you put plants into new pots occasionally. It is not a good move to keep the plant growing in the same pot throughout its lifespan. If you have kept a plant in a pot for more than 2 years, the time has now arrived for a better chance. But you should be very careful when switching to a new pot, as the tiny roots are easily damaged. However, once you are into the matter, you will discover how to do it without any trouble.

2. Choose larger pots when repotting

When choosing new pots, as you repot, it is worth looking for brand new pots that are a bit larger than the previous ones. This is because as the plant grows it will need much room to freely develop. Say you chose a pot that is too big. Then the plant will still have impediments in its healthy growth, as far as the best gardening is concerned. Therefore in terms of practical use, it’s advisable that you select a new pot, whose diameter is 2 or 3 inches larger than the earlier one.

3. Always try to obtain the best organic fertilizer

Your fertilizer has a great role in the process of growth of the plants. If you can’t provide the plants with adequate fertilizer, they will look pale and ill. The best way to deal with this is by arranging homemade manure. You can easily do this if you have a barrel-like structure. Make a hole from the curved surface at the end which is closest to the ground, so that you could take the compost when ready. What you all want to do now is put in everyday non-plastic and non-official stuff to the barrel-like structure. This will allow the natural ingredients to decompose and make compost, which is really rich with organic requisites.

4. Spend more time in the garden

If you could visit the garden in the morning and walk around, you will see the pros and cons that will need to be amended. This will also give a much better impression and satisfaction about what you have done, as you can witness for yourself the consequences of your dedication. Furthermore, you will be able to notice whether your pretty garden is attacked by predators like snails and slugs when you visit early in the morning.

5. Use smarter options for lesser space

It may be a fact for those who live in the urban areas, that you have not enough room in the garden. But don’t worry, if you are smart enough still you will be able to make your garden prettier, irrespective of the limited area that you have. Therefore, try your best to utilize the area available at present. As an option you can use clinging pots so that some plants like the creepers will hang from the top. This will be a better sight for anybody walking in through the garden. Besides, you can opt to choose the plants with the most colorful flowers and special-shaped leaves. Use your creativity and employ it in the right way to make your plants prettier.

6. Budding comes as a priority when talking about beautifying your plants

You don’t need to be a professional to do this. Correct budding will result in a lot of improvements. Suppose you have a red rose plant and a white rose plant. All you need to do is choose a developing fresh bud from the red rose plant and carefully cut it with a sharp knife. Then implant the bud in a region of white rose plant, which is damaged by the knife such that the outer layer of the trunk is cut in the edge. When you do the pasting of the bud, add some soil and manure to the region where the budding takes place, and wrap the area with polythene. Keep the polythene for a few days as it is and you will be able to remove the polythene when the budding is done accordingly. Soon, visitors to your garden will be amazed at how a rose plant is able to produce bi-chromatic flowers.

7. Don’t forget about deadheading

This is basically the process of removing spent flowers. Be cautious to cut the spent flower heads with the correct type of flower scissor. Your plants will look more handy and prettier if you do this regularly. Although it can be time consuming, you will need to be patient enough while deadheading, in order to reach your goal. You may also cut the sun burnt edges of the leaves with the same scissor. Normally a scissor will not cost much and will always be well below $10 in local stores. Never forget to cut it sharp and quick to lessen the damage, incurred by the plant.

8. Never choose chemical boosters to grow your plants

In the beginning, the plant will indeed show a speedy boost, but in the long run your plant will not become that prettier. This is because chemical fertilizers only have immediate effects, which are too aggressive in nature. When it comes to long-term basis, the plant will most likely perish as a negative result of chemical substances involved.

9. Arrange your pots in an organized distribution

Make sure that the pots are equally apart from each other. Such an arrangement is capable of catching the attention of anyone passing by your garden. The beauty of your garden too will be a highly noticeable factor, as observed from distant places. It will look more like a geometrical grid with a pleasing look.

10. Beware of the weeds

No matter how beautiful your plants are, as long as they are in contact with weeds there will be some trouble. When removing weeds, it’s highly recommended to use manual method of weed removal. If you use some weedicides, they will also affect the lovely plants near them and there is a threat for the rest of the plants in your garden as well. Remove the weeds manually to add more glamour to the garden with pretty plants.