Mediterranean Style Garden Design Ideas: From Plants and Containers to Seating and Furniture

You perhaps have some pleasant memories of the colorful Mediterranean style gardens you may have visited on a visit to Italy or Greece. Or perhaps you have your heart set on the charming garden vistas photographed in an interior design magazine you saw. Either way, if you decide to recreate the same look and feel in your own garden, here are some design ideas for your garden.

1. The Sunny Courtyard

Sunny courtyards with the cerulean sea as a backdrop, is perhaps most reminiscent of Mediterranean style of garden. The charming coastal areas of Italy and other Mediterranean areas are dotted with these courtyard gardens; often partly enclosed. Symmetry and well laid out, planned gardens typify the Mediterranean style of garden. Orderly, well trimmed bushes, hedges and trees, carefully laid out flowerbeds along with walkways and perhaps a water feature or two are some of the elements of this garden style.


2. Paved Areas

Paved areas, elevated patios or seating areas, clearly demarcated walkways, typically made of lovely light colored stone are commonly seen. Earth colors and expanses of bright green lawns dominate the area while they are punctuated by bright colored floral accents. Gravel, slate and tile, particularly arranged in mosaic patterns are very popular in Mediterranean style gardens.


3. Exotic Plants and Large Containers

A profusion of bougainvillea here and a wall of hibiscus there – climbing roses over one wall and lavender near another – olive trees and orange trees – these are some of the regulars in Mediterranean style gardens, but you can as well experiment with other exotic plants.


Another defining aspect of this style of garden is the very large pots and containers that are used in these gardens. Large containers are not only beautiful; they are also very practical in that they give a plant’s roots plenty of space to spread without getting congested. A plant may be able to survive for longer and have a healthier life than it would in a smaller container. So think large terracotta planters and exotic plants to create an authentic look.

4. Seating and Other Features

Mediterranean style furniture will help recreate the look that you want to. Contemporary furniture works well, but so does something a little more rustic looking. A small courtyard pond or a fountain are other features, which evoke the Mediterranean garden style. The sound of splashing water is also soothing and it helps cut out ambient noise from the outside.