Furniture Ideas to Help Your Living Room Go Modular

Modular furniture bases itself on the concept of modular design that allows for greater flexibility and functionality, and the possibility of future augmentation. Modular furniture for the home or office is that which consists of several smaller parts or modules. These smaller parts can be used in different ways, in part, in various combinations or can be used as a whole. Modular furniture makes particular sense for areas with smaller dimensions.

Modular furniture for kitchen is very popular – for instance cabinets where shelves can be added or removed, expandable base unit, and so on. Another popular option is modular furniture for kids which can be expanded as the child grows. This type of furniture can be used for the living room bedroom and dining room as well. We look at some options for modular living room furniture and whether it can make sense for you.

Sectional Sofas

sectional-sofasUnlike conventional sofas, a sectional sofa is divided into several units or modules that you can place as you want. Typically such a sofa can be arranged in different ways, given the size and shape of a room. It could also have one or more ottomans that may double as a storage space or as a stool for seating. It can have a segment that can be used as a chaise or lounger separately. From the set, it may be possible to remove one or more segments to use in another room.

Cube Storage System

cube-storage-systemThis could be a wall unit that can be used for display items, books, china, and so on. Several combinations options may be possible – transforming a shelf into a cabinet or vice versa or removing and then reinstating the modules as and when required.

Modular Entertainment Center

modular-entertainment-centerA modular entertainment center could be a flexible option for the living room. Do you have a large TV or a small screen? Do you also wish to place your DVR, stereo system and CD collection all at the same place? You can add or remove shelves as required, storage spaces can be expanded or collapsed as required.

Nesting Tables or Stools

nesting-tablesThese could make a lot of sense if you have limited space in your living room. Stools or peg tables that stack one on top of another can be very useful when you’re entertaining. These can then the stacked way and out of the way when you don’t need them.