Outdoor Bamboo Furniture: The Green Choice

It is more than the fact that bamboo furniture can be really beautiful; it is now emerging that bamboo furniture is the more earth friendly and sustainable choice that we can make. This is because bamboo is fast growing (some species have been recorded to grow as much as 100 cm in just 24 hours) and therefore easily renewable and sustainable.

Bamboo is also very versatile, because it can be grown in a way that forms certain shapes (arches and so on) and it can also be cut and laminated into sheets and planks, increasing the kind of uses it can be put to. Bamboo is now used not only for flooring, cabinetry, paneling, and laminates, but also for outdoor bamboo furniture that can cheerfully withstand the wear and tear of being out of doors.

Why outdoor bamboo furniture makes sense

Bamboo is strong and very durable and can take a lot of rough treatment before the scratches and damage begin to show up. This is why; it can be an excellent choice for patio furniture or deck furniture.


The straight, clean lines of bamboo shoots can make it suitable for different kinds of furniture.

Having good looking, attractive outdoor furniture can encourage one to spend more time out of doors getting fresh air and at least some activity.

The swelling, warping and bending out of shape that occurs to many other types of wood in damp conditions or due to climate change can be avoided by using bamboo because it is more resistant to damp and weather changes.

With outdoor bamboo furniture, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you not only bought something beautiful that enhances your and your family’s enjoyment of your home, but it also lets you rest assured that you have made a responsible choice in terms of the environmental impact you have on the earth.

Your outdoor bamboo furniture options

You may decide to get just one or two pieces such as deck chairs or a glider, a love seat or a bench. Or you can decide to get several pieces or a set such as a table and matching chairs if you think your family would enjoy picnicking out on the patio or porch now and then. Folding pieces of furniture can make a lot of sense because they are more portable and versatile.

If you take care of your bamboo furniture properly and follow the maintenance instructions, you can enjoy it for years to come.