Ozone Machines for Home Use: What Are They and What Do They Do?

Ozone is of course the gas found high up in the earth’s atmosphere that helps to cut the amount of harmful UV radiation reaching the earth. We also know that its depletion is causing all sorts of problems ranging from the melting of polar ice caps to significant climate change. However ozone is a gas that is also used for water and air purification. Using ozone machine can help purify and improve indoor air quality in home and commercial settings.

What is an ozone machine and what does it do?

They are known as ozone machines or ozone generators which can be used in the home to improve indoor air quality, remove unpleasant odors and for the purification of water in swimming pools and Jacuzzis or for drinking. Ozone generators are also used in industries such as agriculture, food processing, dairies, laundry, spas, waste water treatment plants, wineries, breweries, and even zoos and aquariums or anywhere that odor control is required.


Ozone is known to be the best agent of oxidation, better than chlorine and thought of as more environmentally friendly. Also unlike chlorine it is pH neutral and doesn’t have any unpleasant smell or taste while being a very effective biocide (attacking organic matter such as fungus, yeast, virus, bacteria and viruses). It is also effective in low doses and so can be quite cost effective in many circumstances particularly if used on a rental basis.

An ozone machine can purify the air, removing unpleasant odors, cooking smells, chemical smells and so on. It can also help to remove pet odor, smoke odor and musty smells in the home, in cars, tour buses, locker rooms, hotels, pool halls, bars, restaurants or on boats. These machines can obviate the need to use strong chemical deodorizers. The ozone treatment can give you a clean and fresh smelling area that smells rather like the aftermath of a cleansing thunderstorm. Depending upon your requirements, a small home version of a larger industrial strength machine can be used. Ozone is even more effective for purification of water.

Why should you buy an ozone machine or generator for your home?

If you decide to buy or rent an ozone machine or generator, it is important to pick good quality product or service provider. This is because high levels of ozone in the air can be detrimental and could cause shortness of breath, throat irritation and other problems. It can be particularly problematic for those who have allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems.