Tips for Painting Kitchen Cupboards and Cabinets

You can really transform the look of your kitchen by repainting the cupboards and cabinets there. Your kitchen can be transformed into a bright, new, colorful and cheery space, much in contrast with the current look it sports. This can be a DIY project that can make a significant difference to your kitchen without any major remodeling or structural alterations.

Painting kitchen cabinets and cupboards can take time to be sure. However it isn’t difficult if you set your mind to it. We take a look at how to go about painting them and exactly what you will need for this:

Prepping for the painting

Decide on a color palette – whether you want to create strong, bright contrasts, bright hues or a pristine, uniform white all over the place. Make your selection carefully; you will have to live with it! Also remember that while white looks beautiful, sticky fingers, fumes and wear and tear tends to show up a lot easier.

painting-kitchen-cupboardConsider whether you need to take all of the cabinet and cupboard doors off their hinges. Also consider whether all of the hardware on the doors, handles, knobs and so on needs to come right off. You will need to protect the rest of your kitchen from the paint mess that is about to ensue, so you will protective sheets for the rest of the kitchen as you proceed with the painting.


Degreasing may be required before the sanding process. Whether its bare boards or already painted wood that you’re considering, sanding is important. It will smoothen the surface, and make it look even after the paint job; also letting the paint stay on better. So sand the surface thoroughly going with the grain of the wood. Vacuum up any debris and sawdust that the sanding may have created and wipe all surfaces clean.


Experts recommend using oil-based, stain blocking primer. Use a high density foam roller or a paint brush, and apply at least two coats of primer letting the surfaces dry in between the coats. You may also be well advised to sand away the unevenness in between the coats.


Apply a thin coat of paint to create a smooth, even and non bulky effect. If you’re going to use spray paint it will of course be quicker, however you will need to get the hang of it. Apply two, coats and let dry completely before reattaching the hardware, hinges and so on.