10 Self Pollinating Fruit Trees

Fruit trees can be cross pollinating or self pollinating. Cross pollinating trees require another tree or trees nearby to help with pollinating so that the tree bears fruit. Self pollinating or self fertile trees on the other hand can manage to produce fruit on their own without other trees’ help in pollination. Here are some of the self pollinating fruit trees.

1. Peach Trees


According to some experts peach trees (most varieties) are truly self pollinating and so long as you prune the tree beneficially you will be able to get a good yield of large edible fruit as opposed to small inedible fruit.

2. Nectarine Trees


Nectarines are similar to peaches and often substitute them. They too pollinate on their own.

3. Pear Trees


Pear tree are also self pollinating so that you can get a good yield of fruit from just a single tree. So you can plant just one pear tree and have it bear you fruit for years without having any other tree nearby for cross pollination. However there are several varieties of pear trees that are not self pollinating.

4. Apricot Trees


Apricot trees are also a good choice for self pollinating trees. Two exceptions are Perfection and Riland varieties of apricots – these are not self fruitful and will require cross pollination.

5. Pomegranate Trees


Many varieties of pomegranate trees are also self fruitful. The important thing is to pick varieties that have chill requirements matching the type of climate where you live or plant.

6. Plum Trees


Green gage, Italian Prune and Stanley are some plum tree varieties that are self fruitful. However many other varieties are not, and will require cross pollination.

7. Cherry Trees


Sour cherry trees such as Montmorency cherry may be self pollinating. However, most sweet cherry trees are not.

8. Citrus Trees


Most citrus trees bear fruits with their own pollen. However the thing to remember with citrus trees as well as with other self pollinating trees is that facilitating cross pollination can result in greater yields.

9. Fig Trees


Fig trees are another good option since they are self fertile and hence not require external pollinators.

10. Apple Trees


Most apple tree varieties do actually require cross pollination, but some varieties such as Golden Delicious and Red Delicious varieties can be self pollinating. Apple trees that have multiple varieties grafted into one tree do not require other trees to pollinate.