How to Stop a Door from Slamming

It may sound little a petty, trifling question – how to stop a door from slamming – but consider how annoying it can be to have a door that keeps slamming. It is noisy and it is inconvenient when the door will not stay in a position you want it to.

Slamming doors present a danger to babies and small children. A frequently slamming door can also damage the door and the door jamb. So what can you do to prevent your door or doors from slamming shut or slamming open? Here are some ideas that may help:

Use door stops

There are various different types of doorstops you can buy from stores or online – they can be simple and practical, amusing and quirky. Some of these need to be installed on to the door with a corresponding fixture on the wall, while some do not need any installation.

This simple wedge shaped door closer simply holds the door in place preventing it from slamming. A spring door stop such as this one has to be installed on the door to prevent the door slamming open against a wall.


A magnetic door stop helps prevent the door slamming open and also holds it in place – this door closer needs to be installed on the door, with a corresponding part to be installed on the wall. If it’s a touch of the quirky or humorous that you want, opt for this Silly Dog Door Stopper, which simply slides under the door to keep it in place.

Install door closers

Hydraulic or pneumatic door closers are installed on the door to prevent it slamming. These are usually seen in commercial establishments such as restaurants, hospitals and so on. They slow down the movement of the door and slow down the speed at which a door shuts and can also be used in homes.

Proper balancing of the door

Sometimes it could be something as simple as improper installation of the door that could be causing the slamming. Adjustments to balance the door could help prevent the problem.

Replacing the door

Consider replacing the door. One option is to replace the door with a double hinged, swinging doors, which only swings both ways and never slams. This is useful for kitchens and so on. Another option is to remove the door altogether and replace it with a curtain, screen or a bead curtain – this is useful if a door is superfluous such as between the drawing room and dining room or dining room and kitchen.