Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture: Specialties and Options

The very word ‘Teak’ conjures up images of solidity and durability, of someone or something that has the ability to withstand and battle the elements and emerge unscathed! And this is true for teak furniture because teak is the wood used for making all those things that require durability.

Specialties of Teak

Consider for instance that quality outdoor furniture is always made using teak; that it is this wood that is used for making boats and so on. Teak may be more expensive and rarer that other types of wood, but its natural durability and ability to withstand the outdoor elements are what make it uniquely appropriate for outdoor furniture. Teak will stand steadfast for decades out in the open; it is the sort of furniture that is most likely to be handed down from generation to generation as well.

teak-garden-furnitureTeak furniture for the garden can make more sense because it will not crack and deteriorate like cheap plastic, and it is cooler and lighter than metal. Also it is more resistant to bending and breaking than other woods. It can be used in the garden, backyard, on the deck or sit out, by the pool, in sun rooms and so on.

Another reason to pick teak garden furniture is the fact that teak can be an environmentally sustainable choice as well: Since it is so long lasting teak is considered eco friendly. Also many teak plantations are sustainably managed, making this a good choice.

Options to consider

Here are the various teak furniture options you can consider for your garden:

1. Sun lounger: The teak sun lounger is the classic item of outdoor furniture that allows you to sun bathe, catch a nap, read a book, or just lie around for some quality R&R. look for ones with casters for easy portability.

2. Arm chairs, Adirondack chairs, benches and rocking chairs: These are all excellent options for the garden; they help you relax and genuinely enjoy the outdoors.

3. Picnic tables: Teak picnic tables or smaller versions of a dining table can also be a wonderful addition to the garden, not just for when the family wants to have an impromptu picnic but also when you what to have people over for a barbecue.

4. Plant stands: Plant stands are also a great idea since they create a beautiful home for your pots. Having a plant stand for the smaller, flowering varieties of plants can create a beautiful focal point in your garden. Teak arbors and gazebos are other decorative elements you can think of adding to your garden.