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Textoline Garden Furniture: Ideas and Options

When you’re buying garden furniture, it makes sense to make a sensible purchase based on durability, long lasting nature, aesthetic appeal as well as the ability to withstand the elements and general wear and tear. Many types of garden furniture are available. The one type that has risen steadily in terms of popularity and which offers good value for money is Textoline garden furniture.

What is Textoline garden furniture?

Textoline is the term used to describe a new type of fabric that is used most frequently for making garden furniture. It is an artificial, mesh type fabric that is waterproof and breathable, making it ideal for warm outdoor days. It is also sturdy, attractive and resistant to rotting and this makes it ideal for outdoor spaces such as gardens, yards and patios.

Since seat coverings for garden furniture can often be quite impractical, Textoline material offers more workable options. This material is tough and hardwearing and also easy to clean, requiring little maintenance. This is quite versatile material and is able to be used for chairs, loungers, recliners, benches and even hammocks.

Textoline garden furniture ideas

You can select from a wide range of Textoline furniture available in the market. Here are some of your options:

1. Three seater Textoline hammock: This is a more of a free standing swing really, which doesn’t require to be teetered to solid structures such as trees and so on. This can find a place anywhere: your porch, the lawn, in a paved courtyard or your backyard. An elegant design and muted colors mean that this hammock will fit into most outdoor settings.

2. Textoline lounger with a padded pillow: This simply spells lazy Sunday afternoons spent basking in the sun. This is a chair when set upright and reclines easily into a comfortable and cozy recliner ideal for snoozing in the sun or just lying there enjoying some music.

3. Textoline folding chair: A versatile and convenient option that goes easily from the indoors to the outdoors and from the porch to the garden! When not in use, it folds up and out of the way in a jiffy.

4. Textoline armchair bistro set: This is a set of a circular table with tempered table top finish with two matching chairs. Both fold up for easy storage and portability (think picnics and other outings). If required this can stay out of doors all years round.

5. Hardwood and Textoline folding set: The set consists of hardwood and textoline for durability and elegance. Each piece folds down and the set consists of a hardwood table and 4 hardwood and textoline folding chairs.

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