Top 10 Interior Designers… And Their Style

Behind ever great invention and ever stunning piece of design is an original thought, and it is that unique ability for original thought that sets a great designer apart from the merely good. Here are some of the top interior designers who have shown exceptional ability making them the darlings of the rich and famous, given in no particular order.

1. Philippe Starck

philippe-starckPhilippe Starck is named as the number 1 interior designer by Ask Men Magazine that defined him as the most complete designer. Stark has designed for who’s who of the fashion world including names like Hugo Boss, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Placido Arango Jr., and Alain Mikli.

2. Karim Rashid

karim-rashidThe award winning New York based designer has an impressive list of clients such as Issey Miyake, Herman Miller, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Umbra, Leonardo, Shiseido, and Yahoo, among many others.

3. Sheila Bridges

sheila-bridgesOften described as America’s Best Interior designer, Sheila Bridges combines luxury with functionality to create her own brand of excellence. Her high profile clientele includes the likes of Bill Clinton, Tom Clancy, and Peter Norton.

4. Clodagh

clodaghClodagh has been in the business since her teens. She picked up impressive clients such as Robert Redford and Sylvia Rhone along the way. She uses Feng Shui principles as part of her work, and is known to have an environmentally responsible approach.

5. Petra Blaisse

petra-blaisseAmsterdam based designer Petra Blaise is known for creating seamless fusions that draw on interiors and exteriors. Her style is a unique blend of landscaping with structural design.

6. Barbara Barry

barbara-barryLA based Barbara Barry’s award winning work encompasses designing for commercial premises as well as homes. Her design aim is to “surround and nurture” and is a beautiful amalgam of functionality and sophistication. The west coast influence shows up in the laid back feel that some of her work has.

7. Juan Montoya

juan-montoyaJuan Montoya was born in Colombia but has since become one of the most prolific and feted designers in the world. There is a lot of reliance placed on natural light, textures and color in his body of work.

8. Samuel Botero

samuel-boteroHaving designed for the late Julio Iglesias and Armando Orsini among others, Samuel Botero is mainly a modernist but is known to have an excellent grasp of other styles as well.

9. Martin Raffone

martin-raffoneNew York based interior designer, Martin Raffone is known for his lively interiors created mostly from the simplest of materials.

10. Thierry W Despont

thierry-w-despontBorn and brought up in France, Thierry W Despont now lives in New York, and has designed for Bill Gates, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klien, among others.