Travertine Tiling: An Age Old Option for a Modern Lifestyle

Travertine tiling is today a classic look that effortlessly evokes the charm of warm Mediterranean vistas and at the same time combines practical, modern ease of use. Travertine tiles have been around literally for ages, and can be found in structures as ancient as the Coliseum which is mostly constructed of travertine.

The benefits of travertine

Burghausen has Europe’s longest castle which is a thousand years old and built mainly with travertine, which is a testament to how long lasting this material is. You can get the same longevity and durability even today when you use travertine tile for your home for flooring, garden paths, patios, kitchens, bathrooms and other structures.

travertine-tileThe naturally pitted structure of the stone itself gives the impression of a beautifully weathered façade that can good great in many different settings. It offers a look of classic warmth and traditional elegance.

The natural holes or troughs that the stone is pitted with can be allowed to remain or can be filled and smoothed out, making travertine a very versatile option.

This stone occurs in naturally attractive colors such as white, cream colored and tan colored as well as a silver gray tones. So you can pick the right hues to go with your design scheme.

Modern travertine tiling options

Travertine is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is often found near geothermal springs. Being a very popular choice with home owners and commercial properly developers in the United States, this stone is imported from many different parts of the world.

Areas such as Italy, Iran and Turkey as well as Mexico and Peru are the largest producers of travertine. The stone is also naturally occurring at Mammoth Hot Springs and Yellowstone National Park.

Today your travertine tiling options are varied in terms of finish as well as color. Different shade of beige range from a cool off white to warm golden hue and even a darker brownish and grayish hue can be opted for.

Also, depending upon whether you want a rough hewn look for the exteriors or a smoother finish for interior spaces, travertine tiling can be as rough or smooth to the touch and look as you wish. The naturally uneven structure offers an antique, naturally worn look that works really well for exterior spaces. But if it is the kitchen you have in mind for travertine tiling, the smooth and even surface will work better.