Window Decoration Ideas for Summer

Summer is a time defined by images of bright sunshine, beautiful floral motifs and light airy colors. Your home décor and particularly window decoration for summer should reflect this. Ideally you want summer window treatments that will let in plenty of natural light, to help you enjoy the long sunny days. Here are some ideas that will help you create that summery ambience for your home by tweaking the window décor to make a significant difference:

Color Palette

When you spring clean, consider installing a fresh set of upholstery in place of what you have. Not just the curtains and drapes, you can also change the slip covers of chairs and couches, cushion covers, throws and rugs. Move to a to a lighter, pastel color palette that is more in keeping with the hues of summer. You can add bright splashes of color to the setting with bold geometric patterned throws and rugs or with the help of floral cushions.



Light curtains, roman blinds or slatted venetian blinds are a great idea for summer. Blinds in particular are a great idea because they can be pulled partly or completely to let in more sunlight. Venetian blinds can be pulled all the way down for privacy and still let in a lot of light when they are adjusted appropriately. So, light colored blinds and curtains can go a long way to completely altering the look of your windows for summer.


Rearrange Furniture

Furniture that is placed close to the wall can create a sense of clutter. Not only that it can block and impede the amount of natural light that filters in via the windows. Moving the furniture away from the windows will prevent this blocking of natural light and will make a room appear lighter, airier and more summery. Consider temporarily removing a few pieces of furniture from a room that may not be strictly necessary. This will help to create more space and will facilitate better natural lighting of a room.


Think Greenery

Potted plants (either natural or artificial) placed close to windows can also help create that summery effect. Place plants close to windows – they not only look pretty and bright, the natural light coming in the window will give plants the natural sun exposure they need to survive. Consider creating a window sill garden with colorful summer blooms, some herbs or simply some crotons that require minimal maintenance.