How to Pick the Best Wireless Security Alarm System for Your Home

Securing your home with a good quality burglar alarm can mean peace of mind for you and the safety of not only your family but also your home and possessions. A Wireless Home Security System is a good option because as the term suggests these are wireless systems without the wiring and the process of installation by a professional that a burglar system typically involves.

Wireless systems have several advantages. They are easier to install and there may be no need to make alterations to walls, doors and windows. This can be a DIY alarm you can easily set up yourself without the help of a professional.


In many cases, a wireless home security system is the only option since a regular burglar alarm with wires cannot be installed because of the age or construction of the building. Wireless systems work much like the wired systems – they consist of the control panel and the sensors and the alarm is also triggered in the same way. If you’re looking to buy a wireless burglar alarm, keep the following in mind.

Look at Your Requirements

Start by considering your requirements. How big is the home or area that you want to secure? Check the range of the unit. Determine how many sensors you will need based on the number of doors, windows or other apertures you want to have secured. Also consider your lifestyle, habits and pets that you may have in the house before making a choice.

Easy Operation and Installation

While the system should be sound and difficult if not impossible to fool, it shouldn’t be so complicated that you have to take a class just to understand it. Also look at the installation process – will you be able to install the system yourself or will you need to call in a professional?


If you want to add sensors later, will this be possible? Can you customize the system to play the message that you want or does the system only allow the default message? How many phone numbers is it possible feed into the system (which will be called up when the alarm is triggered?)

Read Reviews

You can buy a wireless home security system online or from a shop but do your research beforehand. Read user reviews to see what buyer say about ease of use, durability and reliability of a given product. What is the after sales service like and what are the guarantees/warranties offered? Examine these aspects too before you settle on what to buy.